​​Julspops Dog Walking & Pet/House Sitting Services​
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Professional Dog Walker & Pet/House Sitter - ​​​

Serving London

​"Bonded & Insured with PROfur"

'Sometimes you need someone to care as much as you do'

Dog Walking & Cat Visit Pricing ​​

​Dog Walking Pricing - Single Visit

15 x Min Visit/Potty Break                     $12.00​​
30 X Min Visit                                           $16.50
45 x Min Visit                                           $19.00

​Dog Walking Pricing - Weekly Service (Mon to Fri Inclusive)

15 x Min Visit/Potty Break                     $55.00​​​​
30 X Min Visit                                           $77.50
45 x Min Visit                                           $90.00  

Full Day Package               
2 x 30 Min Visits & 15 x Min Visits                $41.00

​ Cat Sitting/ Visit Pricing

 1 - 2 Cats  $12.00 
 3 - 4 Cats  $17.00
 5+              $22.00

 Above pricing is for a 30 Min Visit longer visits can be provided for an additional cost.

All services & pricing noted above; include up to two pets, feeding, changing of the water bowl, brushing, playtime, administration of medications (with clients written consent). Cleaning of the litter box(es), vacuuming/sweeping if necessary & a whole lot of TLC

'Walked, Loved & Cared for........because you Care!'

Pet Sitting Services

 Pet Sitting (My home)
Price $35.00 - 24 hr Period (1 pet)
 Price $40.00 - 24 hr Period (2 pets)

Your pet(s) will come to my home, price includes walks, feeding, brushing, administration of medications if necessary, playtime indoors and outdoors, lots of cuddles.
They will feel like they are AT HOME.

Sorry, NO cats as my husband has allergies

Dog(s) must have all their shots including Bordetella (Kennel Cough).

Flea Prevention during the summer months
Dogs must be house trained and well behaved...
other conditions may apply


Pet Sitting (Your home)
Please call for pricing

Price will depend on the number of visits required and if overnights are necessary.

Unfortunately, I am not able to live in FULL-TIME.

(Price includes walks, feeding, changing of the water bowl, playtime indoors and outdoors, cuddles, brushing, administration of medications if necessary,

cleaning of the litter box(es), vacuuming/sweeping the floor area if necessary, watering plants, picking up newspapers/mail, turn on/off lights,
open/close blinds), putting out the garbage.

Price includes up to 2 pets

​​'Your pet .............. doesn't have to sleep alone​'​ 

​​​​ ​Overnights

Overnights (Your home)
Price $45.00 - 12hr period (Dogs)
Price includes 2 x Walks

$35.00 - 12hr period (Cats)

I will stay in your home so your pet(s) does not have to leave.

Price Includes feeding, changing of the water bowl, walking, playtime indoors & outdoors, brushing, administration of medications including insulin shots and a whole lots of cuddles, litter box, playtime etc;
(Price is up to 2 pets)

Overnights (My home) - 12 hr period
Price $25.00

Your pet MUST have ALL vaccinations including Kennel Cough.
Flea treatments in the summer months

Sorry NO cats, as my husband has allergies. 

Price Includes feeding, walking, playtime indoors & outdoors, brushing, administration of medications including insulin shots and a whole lot of cuddles.
(Price is up to 2 pets)

Dogs must be house trained and well behaved

'Your pet is always kept safe when on a road trip'

Pet Taxi Service

Please call for pricing.

If you are unable to get your pet(s) to the vets or groomers, I can be there for your pet(s).
I will pick them up, drop off (stay if necessary) and bring home safely.
Maybe you are not able to get out and need pet food, cat litter; I can do that for you.
I will pick up, delivery to you at a minimal charge.

'Keep your home protected'

House Sitting/Visits​

15 x Min Visit $10.00
(Includes indoor plants)

30 x Min Visit $20.00
(Includes indoor/outdoor plants, pots and ground plants. Additional fee may apply for a larger yard)

This service also includes mail pick up, newspapers/flyers, open/close blinds, turn on/off lights, flush toilets, check windows and doors, put out the garbage.

Don't let strangers know your home is empty, enjoy your time away, have peace of mind.

Most insurance companies expect you to have someone check in on your own if going away for more than two days!.

be 'Protected"

Additional Information

       Payment Methods & Cancellation Policy

Hours of Operation​​

Payment by cash or etransfer.
Invoice and receipt provided

Payment is required at time of service ,
Cancellations made more than 24 hrs fee will be returned to the client, less than 24 hrs will result in 50% of that service fee.

Additional charges WILL apply on Statutory holidays,
Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, New Year's Eve & New Year's Day
 are PRIME time.

Monday to Sunday
6:00am to 8:00pm
(Other times can be discussed)

Pricing may change at any time.

​All prices are subject to 13% HST